Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a non-invasive dental treatment option that offers desired results quickly. At Ralston Creek Dental, we use state-of-the-art laser tools for cutting-edge dental procedures. If you are looking to get a dental treatment with almost no pain and quicker recovery time, then this advanced treatment option is for you. Call us and schedule your consultation to get your favorite smile in minimal time.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an advanced form of dentistry in which dentist makes use of lasers to treat numerous dental conditions. This treatment method is approved by the FDA and is quite safe as well as effective.

What are the Benefits of using Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry has various benefits, such as:

  • Reduced bleeding while undergoing the procedure
  • Do not require any stitches and sutures
  • Decreases damage to the surrounding tissues
  • Minimized pain while getting the treatment done
  • Minimized pain even after the treatment
  • In most cases, no anesthesia is required
  • Healing time can be reduced drastically
  • Lesser chance of developing a bacterial infection after the dental procedure

What is Laser Dentistry used for?

Removal of soft tissues:  A laser can be used when the gums need surgery, such as during the removal of puffy gums. Dental lasers can dissolve the soft tissues to give the gums a complete makeover.

Crown lengthening: Sometimes, the excessive growth of the gums makes the teeth look much smaller than they really are. Dental lasers can reshape the gums to make the teeth look longer.

Disinfecting a cavity: Removing the decay and disinfecting a cavity used to be a complicated process. Lasers can effectively kill the bacteria near the site of the cavity before carrying out a filling process.

Drilling the tooth:  With the use of lasers, the need for drills and anesthesia can be eliminated. 

Tumor removal:  Dental lasers can remove benign tumors and reduce the risk of oral infections.

Teeth whitening:  Laser teeth whitening is a process of removing the stains from the surface of the teeth using a whitening gel and a laser to activate it.

We offer LANAP Laser Treatment!

LANAP laser treatment is used to treat gum disease using a dental laser to offer minimally invasive treatment to your gums. So, there is no need for cuts and stitches in your gums, and you can also recover from the surgery real quick. Dr. Ellis is a pioneer of the LANAP laser procedure in Colorado and has lots of experience in the field.

Ralston Creek Dentistry, located in Arvada, CO, has the best technologies and expert dentists who offer patients the best dental care services. Dial (303) 422-2502 and schedule a consultation with the dentist to know more about laser dentistry and other dental services provided at the dentistry. 


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