Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

If ever you face a dental emergency due to a sudden accident or chronic disease, your teeth and the tissues surrounding require immediate attention right away. Dr. Ellis, with his team, is always ready to accept emergencies. Our dedicated team at Ralston Creek are available here to help you. 

When you have a dental emergency, make sure to call the office to set up an appointment or leave a message, and we will get back to you soon.

The most common dental emergency that our patients come across are:

Traumatic Dental Injuries

If you get your permanent tooth knocked-out or chipped, Dr. Ellis can still save it. Pick the tooth up without touching its root, gently clean it off with water, and put it back in its socket. Hold it gently in place and rush to Ralston Creek Dental immediately. If you are too afraid to place it back, then put it in a container of milk and go to Dr.Ellis. 

Tooth Ache or Pain

Unbearable persisting tooth pain always signals that you need a quick visit Ralston Creek Dental. The most common cause of tooth pain is untreated tooth decay, for which the infection later spreads through other parts of the tooth and also the gum tissue. Sometimes, Dr. Ellis might suggest undergoing a root canal treatment, which can relieve the pain by removing the infection caused deep inside the tooth. But in other cases, the option left could be extraction. Other times, the pain might be because of a loose filling or sensitive tooth. 

Gum Emergencies

You might require emergency treatment if you have injuries and infections in the soft tissues of your mouth. Sometimes due to injury caused while being involved in active sports, falls, or accidental bites can damage the tissues of the gums, tongue, or cheek lining. A periodontal (gum) abscess might also require immediate dental care.

If you are seeking for immediate dental care, then we are here to help you with our emergency dental services in Arvada, CO. We are just a call away.


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