2nd Dental Opinion

You might have heard of getting a second opinion for the medical reports or other medical advice. This exact principle is also used in the field of dentistry. Second opinions are important because not every dentist looks at dentistry in the same way. Some are conservative and suggest an absolutely necessary procedure, while some are proactive and treat even a small dental issue. At Ralston Creek Dental, we aim at maintaining balance with your health, function, aesthetics, as well as money. 

We always believe that it is always best to prevent dental issues than get treated for one later. If little dental problems are not noticed and treated at their earliest, then they may grow into bigger issues. There is always a root cause for the dental problem, and it is important to find that out. Here at Ralston Creek Dental, we begin with that! We find the root cause and address them with a personalized treatment option. 

Have questions in mind? Get answered.

If you have any of the following questions lingering in your mind, feel free to book a consultation and talk about it with our dentist. The questions may be;

  • Why can’t they give implants as an option for me?
  • I feel like I am having new symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, etc.
  • I think the treatment suggested is way too expensive 
  • Why didn’t they listen to my complaints? I feel like I wasn’t heard.
  • I don’t think they examined my gums and their health properly.
  • Why are they suggesting so many treatments altogether?
  • Are they making the treatment inexpensive because they don’t use the best materials?
  • Is it necessary to replace the dental work done a few years ago
  • Have more questions? Contact us today!

What are the Benefits of going for a Second Opinion?

The benefits may include:

  • Examine and treat underlying dental issues and find their root cause
  • Confirm or deny the dental diagnosis made
  • Have more confidence and additional information in making the right treatment choice
  • Find a solution where they preserve more tooth structure 
  • Offering less expensive but best quality dental treatments

Ralston Creek Dentistry, located in Arvada, CO, has the best technologies and expert dentists who offer patients the best dental care services. Dial (303) 422-2502 and schedule a consultation with the dentist to know more about the second dental opinion and other dental services provided at the dentistry.


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