Millennium MVP Lanap

At Ralston Creek Dental, we proudly offer our dentist and staff a new way to treat patients, the PerioLase MVP-7 from Millennium Dental Technologies. This new piece of equipment allows us to drastically improve the way we can treat patients for gum disease by improving accuracy, reducing recovery time, and making it faster, safer, and easier to perform complex gum disease treatments using what is known as the LANAP protocol.

The Periolase MVP-7 is more than just another dental laser; it is a step up in dealing with gum disease while keeping patients comfortable and at ease in the dentist’s chair.

Thanks to this new Perio laser treatment, you don’t need to worry about finding a LANAP dentist near you; we can handle it right here at Ralston Creek Dental.

How Does This New Laser Technology Work To Treat Gum Disease?

Traditionally, when a dentist would treat gum disease, they would have to remove the diseased tissue and clean the area before the gums start healing. Not only is this painful and invasive, but it would also result in the loss of more tissue than was necessary and, depending on how severe the damage, could harm the teeth.

Using laser technology allows our dentist in Arvada to specifically target just the gum tissue that needs to be removed, preserving the teeth and the healthy tissue. It also automatically disinfects the area and is relatively pain-free, making it easier and safer for the patients. Another benefit of this laser treatment is that it helps to promote positive regrowth of tissue without disrupting the natural look of the gums, resulting in a more natural look for the patient. This also means there is no need for reconstructive gum surgery after the gum disease has been eradicated, meaning less time at the dentist overall. This gives us a better way to treat our patient’s gum disease.

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