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Many people, when thinking of the term “cosmetic dentistry”, think of procedures that are unnecessary or for the show, but the truth is, cosmetic dentistry is a really important part of overall dental care. Yes, most cosmetic dental procedures do greatly improve the look of your teeth and/or smile, but it isn’t all vanity. Most cosmetic procedures also have other functions that can help your teeth be healthier in general. 

For instance: veneers. While veneers, a thin shell that fits over the teeth to give them a more uniform appearance, are often used to improve a person’s smile, they’re more than just for show. Veneers can actually help your mouth function, too, for those who have a hard time eating or smiling due to misshapen or broken teeth. Invisible braces like Invisalign and others will straighten your teeth and make them look more uniform, yes, but the added bonus is that straightening your teeth can have dental health benefits too, easing the pain from crowded teeth, clearing up symptoms of TMJ, and more.

Even cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening have real health benefits. The stigma around discolored or “bad teeth” is a real thing and so many people have shame about their smile. When you invest in a cosmetic dental procedure like teeth whitening, you’re doing more than just fixing an issue: you are giving your self-esteem and confidence a much-needed boost, which affects your overall health, as well as the perceptions other people have of you. This leads to all sorts of things outside of just “liking your smile” – it can open up all kinds of doors and make you feel so much better about yourself. 

If you’re interested in a cosmetic dental procedure, such as veneers, teeth whitening or invisible braces, contact the experienced and friendly staff at Ralston Creek Dental in Arvada, Colorado. They specialize in many cosmetic dental procedures and use many popular dental brands such as Invisalign for clear braces, Zoom! teeth whitening, and more. No matter what type of dental procedure you’re interested in, they’ll be happy to consult with you at an initial appointment and help you choose the best cosmetic dental care for your specific needs and desires. 

Ralston Creek Dental has over twenty years’ experience with all types of dentistry, including general and restorative care in addition to cosmetic procedures. They also can provide you with TMJ and gum disease care, dentures and more. They pride themselves on always putting the patient first, with an emphasis on high-quality work, compassionate customer care, and safety above all. You’ll rest assured that whatever procedure you need, they’ll do great work and ensure your comfort at all times. 

If you think a cosmetic dental procedure is right for you, why wait? Cosmetic dental procedures are so popular for a reason. Put your best smile forward and boost your health, your mental well being and self confidence, and the function of your teeth with a cosmetic procedure today. 

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