How Soon Should A Dentist See You For An Emergency?

How Soon Should A Dentist See You For An Emergency?

July 1, 2023

If excruciating pain concerns you from a toothache or an impact on your mouth has knocked out a tooth, you cannot expect your dentist to know about it and rush to help you. As you are enduring the pain and are affected by tooth loss, you are responsible for calling the dentist immediately to ensure they determine what is wrong with your teeth or reinsert the knocked-out tooth back into its socket.

Dental emergencies are painful, discomforting and can lead to severe problems later. Therefore you must take the initiative to visit the dentist in Arvada, CO, to receive treatment for the issue you confront as soon as possible. The longer you leave the crisis untreated, the higher your chances of losing your tooth or aggravating a minor problem in your tooth, causing discomfort into a severe condition.

Dentists will see you whenever you arrive at the dental clinic, sometimes immediately or after a few moments, depending on whether they have a chair available and don’t have other patients waiting. However, you cannot expect the dentist to know about your dental crisis to offer treatment soon after you develop the problem.

How Do Dentists Deal With Dental Emergencies?

Dentists know that most dental emergencies result from improper dental hygiene practices and the lack of dental visits for exams and cleanings. Except for accidents from impacts on your mouth or vehicles, you are likely to confront most dental problems from a dental infection left untreated for long to allow it to aggravate and create problems in your mouth.

Most dental emergencies are not life-threatening and can wait a day or two if you can endure the pain using homecare techniques to manage the discomfort. However, the sole life-threatening dental emergency is a dental abscess again, an infection in your tooth affecting its soft center, the dental pulp, and resulting in a dental abscess, indicating it has also affected your jaw. Dental abscesses oozing pus to cause a foul taste in your mouth, facial swelling, fever, and radiating pain to your ears and jaw are considered a life-threatening dental emergency needing assistance from an emergency dentist nearby as soon as possible. Visiting a dentist with a dental abscess will bring a suggestion to receive a root canal or get the tooth extracted to prevent complications in your mouth and body if you leave the condition untreated.

If you need an emergency root canal, the Arvada dentist performs the procedure in one of two appointments depending on the severity of the damage, to help you preserve your tooth and prevent complications that might affect your body.

Toothaches, lost dental fillings, crowns, and bleeding gums, although requiring attention from dentists, are not considered emergencies needing immediate care. These are infections and conditions resulting from improper dental hygiene practices, and they can often receive treatment in a day or two to ensure the situation does not aggravate. You can schedule an appointment for urgent dental care with your dentist and visit them to have the filling or crown restored or receive treatment for the toothache or bleeding gums from the dentist.

How Soon Will Dentists Offer Treatment When You Visit Them With A Genuine Emergency?

Accidents can occur without warning and can cause injuries to any part of your body, including your mouth. As mentioned earlier, if an impact on your mouth knocks out your tooth, you can pick it up and rush to the nearest dentist keeping the tooth in a moist condition in your mouth or a tiny milk container, reaching them within 30 minutes to have the tooth reinserted in its socket and splinted to the adjacent tooth. In such situations, most dentists have an extra dental chair to ensure they treat you upon arrival because delaying treatment beyond 30 minutes will render your tooth incapable of restoration. You will receive similar attention if you visit dentists with a dental abscess and all the associated symptoms to ensure they help you alleviate pain and complications in your body that will need treatments from different medical professionals.

Is It Possible To Prevent Most Dental Emergencies?

Most dental emergencies are entirely preventable by caring for your teeth and gums appropriately and visiting your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Dentists can detect most problems in your mouth during dental checkups and suggest preventive measures to ensure you don’t encounter a dental emergency. For example, dentists will recommend using mouthguards when playing sports or night guards if affected by bruxism to prevent damage to your teeth from needing treatment by emergency dentists. If you accept the dentist’s proposal and adhere to their suggestions, you can avoid most dental emergencies except motor-vehicle accidents.

Ralston Creek Dental treats most dental emergencies as soon as possible when you visit them or call for an appointment. Unfortunately, they cannot anticipate your dental emergency and will wait until you reach them to provide the necessary treatment. Therefore, if you are affected by a dental situation, take the initiative to contact them and request treatment without expecting the dentist to rush to you to offer a remedy.

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